Let the record show you are a douchebag

When mommybloggers [S.B.] waste the time of our courts by bringing frivolous libel claims against bloggers [M.M.] who disagree with them. What are the damages there, S.B.? That M.M. brought MORE traffic to your blog, more than you could ever imagine? That she hurt your feelings? I hope not only are you laughed out of court, but that you will have to pay M.M.'s attorney's fees (oh yes, that is a possibility; you mean your lawyer didn't inform you of it?? what a shocker!)

Maybe next time you write that sex is way more important than parenting (with details about your "cumming" habits) on your public FAMILY blog, consider that people out there are going to talk shit about you.

Oh yeah and the part where you outed M.M.'s identity to the world including her full name, city of residence and email addresses so that your minions could dig up all kinds of dirt on her? That was a class act right there.

POMK over and over again.


  1. I myself have very peculiar "cumming" habits, if by that you mean a ritualized method of brewing thick ale using your own spit, originating in the Scottish Highlands.

  2. I think this ought to be filed as another case of "bad parenting" as well.