Someone get this guy a mirror and paint it red!

When a person who is an unabashed misogynist* writes a Facebook status so long that Facebook had to truncate it (see final lines of "Poll: Are you a douchebag or a Douchebag?") calling people out for being "fucking bigots and ignoramuses". True, they may live in the "fly-over states" as you so imperiously put it, and you do not, but have you considered that you're just an entitled, blue state version of the people you hate? You began with the grandiose announcement that you were done with politics because of these people. Good! The world could use less skeevy people involved in that field. But now, I wish you'd be done writing pretentious, douchey Facebook statuses too. POMK.

*ie: insinuating that your ex girlfriend dumped your abusive, sniveling ass because she got off birth control and the "hormones" made her do it. Honey if that's not ignorant, I don't know what is.

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  1. Ugh. And now that I LIVE in one of those fly-over states, that type of thing bugs me even more...most people are even more staunchly liberal here than the people I knew in CA.