Poll: Are you a douchebag or a Douchebag?

When, in reply to someone's status update conducting the simple poll of which of two smartphones performs better, a person posts a Sophie's Choice-length anecdote on her own personal dilemma of deciding between the two and does not actually have any personal experience with using either to share. I am pretty sure the poll was intended for actual owners of the phones and their associates to weigh in constructively. No one needs to know that you have been planning to use your unemployment money to buy a shiny new smartphone, which you presumably need to keep your e-mail at your fingertips throughout your busy schedule of... gardening and jogging. No one needs to read twice that you have been "contemplating" the purchase, though you probably mentioned that the second time because your comment is so long that you forgot about the first time you typed it. Also, pieces of advice such as "go to the stores and play with them" or "check the data plan pricing" are not adequate substitutes for a user review because I am quite sure that the person conducting the poll is quite capable of thinking to test a phone and look at related costs before considering the purchase, thanks. See how Facebook truncates your comment and you have to click "See more" in order to read all of it? That is Facebook's way of telling you that you are a douche. POMK.

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  1. LOL, so much "YES," to the last few sentences especially.