Did you happen to find a new keyboard in one of those "boxs"?

When an adult takes the time to scan a Kindergarten class composite photo, upload it on Facebook, and tag everyone he is still "friends" with.

Especially when one of the untagged children pictured in the photo is now deceased, and is therefore unable to open a Facebook account and post on your Wall that you are a douchebag. Or make a clever comment about how the caption "I was going through some boxs my ex wife droped off. I happen to find some old pictures." clearly indicates that your literacy has not improved much since the photo was taken. Or ask why the hell someone in his early twenties is already divorced. I guess that explains why you have so much spare time, though.


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  1. ZOMG, no shame. Don't people have the Firefox or IE (barf) spellchecker installed?