I can't find that e-mail you told me to forward.

When you ask me to, if I "have a minute", forward an e-mail to your former—and my current—employer, because you "can't find her email address" and when said e-mail is asking her to write a letter to the state university where you attended a post-bac program, to testify that the training you received in that program helped you excel at your profession. It is true that it takes less than a minute to hit the Forward button but at the same time I find it entirely false to suggest that a career-enhancing post-bac program should not face closure if it can't even train you the simple practice of not losing the contact information of a former employer. I am pretty sure that such programs, if they are doing what tax payers expect them to do, should teach you that it might be wise to hold on to the contact information of your former employers so you can use them as references, or at the very least teach you how to perform a simple Google search to acquire said contact information from your former employer's website. Rather than suggesting to the university that they not cut the program you attended, I would suggest that you acquire these very simple and cost-free skills; that is, if in the event that you ever decide you don't want to be unemployed anymore. POMK.

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  1. Also, when the same person posts yet another status update about yet ANOTHER "new toy" (which she clearly purchased herself)? POMKBARFPOMK.