Your self-esteem issues made me lose my lunch a bit.

People who need to constantly be reminded that models' photos are Photoshopped in order to be able to wake up in the morning and look in the mirror without crying their eyes out.

So, watching a video (seen here) that a teacher shared on Facebook—specifically for his high school students—of an average-looking girl who, after a great deal of makeup, styling, and then Photoshopping of the image, becomes billboard-model-worthy made your "self esteem grow a bit in the last minute"? First of all, how is it at all surprising to you that billboard images are Photoshopped? Second, why was your self esteem so low such that you needed a 1-minute video on YouTube geared towards teenage girls just to make yourself feel a bit better? You are an ADULT. What's worse, you are a MOTHER. Pull yourself together before your baby starts to develop self-esteem issues, too. Or if she does, let's hope she at least doesn't advertise them on Facebook. POMK.

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