Have a safe Halloween! Just make sure you don't run into me.

When people wish their friends a "safe Halloween" or "safe holiday season". Some well wishing sentiments are kind, and some are condescending. This fits in to the latter category.

If in fact your friend is in danger of having an unsafe Halloween, you are being a douchebag by pointing it out to her entire friends list. Plus, I doubt your status comment is going to pop into her mind in the middle of the party. If you really cared about your friend, maybe you should hang out with her and supervise her all night, you patronizing asshole.

If your friend is not the drinking/partying type and is probably going to stay in and watch movies, why are you saying this? Is it because using tool-like expressions have become so commonplace that people just write without thinking? Somebody save me. POMK.


  1. I just realized that "have a safe holiday season" is even more absurd and patronizing than "have a safe Halloween". What the hell do they think you are going to do, O.D. on "Happy Birthday, Jesus" cake? Accidentally burn yourself taking your gingerbread men out of the oven? POMK.

  2. Oh I know, and people said that to each other all the time in college before we left for break. Um, I'm going to be with my family, what are YOU going to be doing?

  3. √Člise DashiellOctober 31, 2009 at 8:07 AM

    Maybe the "safe holiday" thing refers more to travel? Which is especially fitting when you live in a place where the weather is especially awful during the holiday season. Which: it's not like you can control the safety of your holiday air travel anyway, but still, it's usually a well-meant sentiment. I can't POMK for that.

  4. That's a good point, for everyone except the people who live in the weather paradise that we (POMK team) do. If I see it directed at people who do have legit travels to make (not 35 minutes across the bridge in 70 degree sun, like I did) I will not POMK at that.